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 How to Use Wrap Tite Settings
Wrap Tites can be used to make
dangle earrings or pendants. Use
faceted gemstones with wrap tite
settings. Thin girdle gemstone
work best with these settings.

Press your faceted gemstone firmly into the setting.

Once you place your gem inside the wrap tite you need to secure
it in there. You do this by squeezing (just enough to make the gem
stay in the setting) the top of the wrap tite (just below the loop)
with pliers.

When you squeeze with your pliers you need to have something in
the loop to keep its shape, otherwise it will warp the loop. I
recommend sticking a 16 gauge wire (or anything rounded that
will fit inside the loop; nail, pen...)  in the loop. Then at the same
time squeeze with the pliers to secure the gem.  Use one hand
holding the pliers and the other holding something to keep the
shape of the loop.

Once in place squeeze slightly on the pliers

Now your gem is set in a wrap tite setting
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