How to Use Pre-Notched Settings
How to Use Pre-Notched Settings Video
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Use easy mount gem setting pliers to easily set pre-notched settings
                             How to Use Easy Mount Gem Setting Pliers

       This tool is made for prong mounting gemstone. These gem setting pliers
close with a parallel motion. This feature helps you to control the pliers so
they don't slip off the prongs as you work.  Regular pliers push against your
hand as hard as they do against the prong. With these pliers the force is
concentrated in one direction, making it easier to manage.

       These pliers have a ten to one lever ratio. This gives ten times more
pressure to the tip of the jaws than you exert on the lever itself. For instance,
if you squeeze the pliers with 10 pounds of pressure, you exert 100 pounds of
pressure to the tip of the jaws. That means you can set your gemstones with
minimum effort and maximum control.

       The jaws are adjustable so they can fit prongs ranging from two and a
half to fifteen mm high, by turning the adjustment wheel.
To adjust the wheel:
Hold the pliers in the palm of your hand with the lever against the base of
your thumb. This positions the tip of your thumb near the adjustment wheel of
the pliers, freeing you to use your thumb and index finger to adjust the opening
of the jaws while the pliers lie loosely in your hand. When you are adjusting
the pliers, be careful not to squeeze the lever. If you do, the jaws will be
depressed before you are prepared to move the prong, and the pliers will be
open too wide to be used.

       Do not turn the screw that is found above the  adjustment wheel, since it
is a structural member of the pliers itself.

       The first step when setting your gem is to snap your gem into place.
Simply lay your gem face down and press your setting into the gem.  Make
sure gem is in its correct position to be set. After your gem is in place and
level, you should firmly hold the setting to begin the setting process.

       Use the easy mount gem setting pliers and adjust the width of the jaws by
turning the adjustment wheel using your thumb and index finger. When the
jaws of the pliers are just touching the tip of the prong and the base of the
setting, you are ready to begin. Hold the pliers so the jaws are at a 45 degree
angle to the prong you are working. Next, gently squeeze the pliers until the
prong  rests against the crown of the gem. If the prong doesn't lay flat after the
first bend, it may be necessary to tighten the jaws of the pliers.  When you are
satisfied with one prong then do the prong opposite it, and so on, working
opposite until all prongs are pushed down against the crown of the gem.  This
will complete your setting.