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What is a Faceted Cut Gemstone
A faceted cut gemstone is cut like a
diamond. The pictures shows the parts
of a faceted cut gemstone.
In this picture you have a 16x12mm faceted cut gemstone with a 16x12mm pre-notched
basket setting. A faceted cut gemstone is gemstone that has multiple facets (cuts). In
simple terms they have a pointed back . A diamond is a faceted cut gemstone. With
faceted gemstones you would use pre-notched basket setting or snap tite settings.
When you look at the 2 you may say " This gem will not fit this setting, the gem is much
bigger than the setting". When you set your gemstone the prongs will expand out to fit
the faceted gemstone for a secure fit. If you tried setting a faceted gemstone in a cab
setting you will find out it will not work because the faceted gemstone has a pointed
back and is too deep.
For faceted cut gemstones you need to use snap tite or prenotched
settings. Cab settings will not work for faceted cut gemstones